Need to replace AVERAGEIFS formula for excel 2003

I've been trying to get to grips with excel formulae for days, and now have a spreadsheet with 140 cells, each with a slightly different formula. Unfortunately, it now needs to be 'dumbed down' to **Excel 2003**. I've tried to get my head round array formulae, and `SUMPRODUCT`, but I'm getting bogged down. Fresh eyes, anyone? This is the formula I need to convert from 2010 to 2003: =AVERAGEIFS(Data!S:S,Data!L:L,"Atherstone",Data!T:T,"Service",Data!C:C,">="&K3,Data!C:C,"<="&K4) `K3` is a date range start, with `K4` being the end, and `Data!` refers to `Sheet 2` where all the data is held. (I know all my cell ranges will have to be explicit - i.e. C2:c65536).
You might find inspiration here

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