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First and foremost. I'm totally new to "programming" in Excel. I'm trying to make a price calculator, that calculates the price when I use my printer. The sheet contains list, so I don't need to type in numbers but can choose between some options. I would like options within the list to have a value. My sheet contains theese information.
**Description, Amount, Single/duplex, Format, Printing price, Paper price, Total price.** **Description:** Could be "Printing an invitation for my brother"
**Amount:** Amount printet
**Single/Duplex:** A list containing "Single" and "Duplex"
**Format:** A list containing "A4", "SRA3" and "SRA3 HiGloss"
**Printing price:** The total price
This is how it's calculated:
**'Format' + ('Amount' x 'Single/duplex') = 'Printing price'**

I would like to assign theese values to the list options: **Single/Duplex**
Per page (singlex): 0,6
Per page (duplex): 1,2 **Format:**
A4. paper: 0,2
SRA3 High Gloss: 1,25
SRA3: 1 **Example** Description Amount Single/Duplex Format Printing price Invitations 30 Duplex SRA3 HiGloss 61,25 The calculation for this example looks like this:
**'Format' + ('Amount' x 'Single/duplex') = 'Printing price'**
**1,25+(30*2)** Does anyone know about this???
Kenneth, not exactly sure what question you are trying to get answered. You might get better results if you ask a specific question.

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