Merging two columns for excel pivot report

I have data in my excel sheet that looks like the follows: ![enter image description here][1] For the sake of explanation I have hidden some columns (Please ignore them). I have taken pivot of the view you see above and the output of that is as follows: ![enter image description here][2] However, I am expecting an output similar to the following, where the L1 and L1C (which denote the same thing) are displayed as one entity (as if it came from one column itself) ![enter image description here][3] Does excel's pivot feature provide something to this effect? ps: if you want access to data I've used visit my google doc file: click [here][4] Update: What I had done to achieve the desired result was generate the desired columns via excel formulas. (Hence you would notice columns after the Name field in the spreadsheet I shared above). Is this the only way you can approach this problem in excel during pivoting? [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:
Why is it a problem to just add columns with the concatenations? If those concatenations are important to you you might as well just have them in seperate columns. Are you running low on the 16,384 columns that you can have per sheet in excel 2007/2010?

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