Making use of selected or clicked cell without VBA

A tricky one, I assume. However, is there a way to make use of a selected or clicked cell in Excel somehow without the need for VBA? (I know how to do it with VBA, but macros are macros, but if you want to give workbooks to people...) For instance, I would like to make some of the content in the freezed section to be dependent on where in the sheet someone is. It would be optimal, if the selected cell/row would be trigger enough. It would be also okay, if clicking a cell (e.g. a link navigating in the sheet) would trigger the conent to change. Hence, a solution would be to make a hyperlink change a value in some cell somewhere. I know, this is a different question, but it should be all accomplishing the same goal of the line on top ;-) Thanks a lot!

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