OLE Client in SDI. How do I add a toolbar?

I have an SDI that I'm loading Excel into using OLE. I want to add a toolbar to this that I can use to have a very prominent and evident "import" button (and a few others). The toolbars I add through `MFC` are all hidden or otherwise removed from the interface when Excel becomes active. Is there a way to keep a toolbar up and on the interface when the Excel Ole item becomes active? I've tried calling the `FloatControlBar` after the Excel OLE item is initialized, but it had no effect. I thought of twisting the menu (which does remain and behave normally) into a toolbar, but it would need to be docked on the left side (requirement) and have large, visible graphic depiction for the command ... and I haven't found a way to do that. `CMenu` class allows graphical menu items, but I haven't spotted a way to do much with the menu command itself (other than get its `commandid` in the message table).

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