php: dividing a multitable select into several objects / object structure

let me at first state that we use php and postgre database. In our project we have decided not to use any ORM due to its overload of sql queries and we are taking the oposite way. Imagine you have a select from several tables, lets say joined on id columns. For instance: * tables: users(id, name), items(id, name, description), comments(user_id, item_id, text, rating) So basically you have a table of users, a table of some items and a table of comments which are related to one user and one item. You create two objects - user and item representing their table row. And then you want to create a comment object. In an ORM it would contain objects user and item and they would load themselves with their queries, but that would be two queries and you re but I can select that data with a single query...but how? Imagine that you have this select: * `SELECT * FROM comments JOIN users ON comments.user_id = JOIN items ON comments.item_id =` (you can also imagine a WHERE clause with specified item id or user id etc.) So how would you split the result of such a select into this class structure, lets say you want a list of comment objects: * user * item * comment (contains references to user and item object) So far our theoretical solution was to prefix name of the columns with fixed prefixes :) and then propagating the result into the object structure and each objects takes what it needs from the select. Any other solutions? Lets say more sophisticated? Thanks for any ideas PS: obviously I have used a very simple example, but try to imagine that the problem is far larger and the structure far more complex

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