Apache Basic Auth with encoded password directly on URL

With Apache's basic authorization framework, it's possible to pass the username and password directly on the URL as: https://username:password@domain.com/path My questions is, is it possible to encode (base64 or sha1, or md5, whatever) the password (or both username and password) in the URL? I've tried the various combinations listed [here on apache.org][1] but they all seem to be valid when used as a header (like header("Authorization",...)). For example, had this worked, the above url would be something like (taking SHA1 as an example): https://username:{SHA}@domain.com/path But this of course isn't working. Thanks. [1]: https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/misc/password_encryptions.html
This does not work. You have some general missconception about how encryption actually works and how it is to be applied. You should start reading about that stuff first, I am afraid.

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