Prevent access to Javascript based website or...

Some websites I develop have a great need for the use of Javascript, they will not work without it. Lots of the site functions and actions depend on some Javascript code that cannot be replaced by server-side code. Sometimes, the Javascript is so complex and needed that it's impossible to provide a fallback for browsers with Javascript disabled. In this context what would be the right way to handle the situation? - **Option A:** Just leave it be. If the site needs that much of Javascript, the user will realize the website won't be displayed and work properly without it... - **Option B**: Somehow detect if the browser has Javascript enabled and fully working and if it's not, show a message on screen sating the fact that the website can't be displayed properly without Javascript. - **Option C:** I'll leave that to you in case you have something to propose...
Turn of JavaScript in your browser and refresh this page. I think the way Stack Overflow does it is pretty good (essentially your option B).

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