How to easily crop the same image multiple times

I have a set of really *big* images out of which I need to crop little snippets. These snippets are all exactly the same size but don't follow a strict pattern so I can't do this programatically. Ideally I would like to open up one of the big files and be able to point and click on say, the top left corner of a snippet and have that automatically be saved to disk without even having to enter a file name, and then continue on with the rest. (Of course this would be the ideal way which I know is probably way off the real possible way!). I started doing this in Photoshop CS4 but cropping a snippet, saving, undoing (to get to the full image), and starting over again takes way too long. Maybe someone has a better way to do this in photoshop or in some other software. Thanks for reading!
This is a better question for SuperUser or one of the StackExchange sites such as photography.

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