Notepad++ Regex help - Finding less than 6 chars in quotations

How would I go about creating a regex search to find numbers less than X characters long within quotes? Less than 6 chars in the following example: "+3256974589654" <- Not this "+5256974584654" <- Not this "+6256974553654" <- Not this "43567" <- This "98765" <- This **EDIT**
Just found this: [Unsupported operators in Notepad++/Scintilla regular expression syntax][1] Looks like something similar to `[0-9]{1,5}` will not work as `{m,n}` (where `m` and `n` are integers) are not supported. **EDIT**
The regex I used was `"[0-9]{0,10}"`. Sadly Notepad++ does not support `{x,y}` therefore I ended up using a free editor called "Programmer's Notepad". [1]:
I got annoyed with these kind of issues in Notepad++ and switched to Programmer's Notepad too. I wish more people would, and end ++'s dominance.

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