How can I get aspnet compiler to handle a page that contains an include file

I have a web application that lands on a shared hosting platform for my company. That platform has global header/footer code that all applications on the platform consume using include files. I can't change how the header files are structured and how they are to be cosumed--that is dictated to me by another group. I have a build server that does not has IIS installed by design. I am attempting to use the aspnet_compiler.exe during the build process to generate the precompiled website files for deployment. However, when the build runs I get errors like this: /Company/Controls/Header.ascx(7): error ASPPARSE: Failed to map the path '/sites/'. The Header.ascx control has this server-side include in the HTML: On my local machine, I have created a virtual directory in IIS named "sites" that points to the global header code (which I have also copied to my local machine). This same "sites" virtual exists in IIS on the hosting environment. I would really like to avoid having to install IIS on the build machine because it is a shared build machine and I don't anyone to mistakenly work IIS dependencies into their code. The build machine shouldn't need to have IIS. What is the best way to get the precompiled site files that aspnet_compiler.exe produces during my build without installing IIS?

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