Highstock doesn't show chart

I have php file which produce data in JSON format **get_json.php** and file where I want to display chart **grafik.php**. Code in **get_json.php** Output of JSON **get_json.php** [[1364463576000,46906],[1364463578000,50379],[1364463580000,33733],[1364463582000,5612], [1364463981000,14213],[1364464007000,11208],[1364490137000,38047],[1364665254000,14964],[1364665256000,11443],[1364665257000,9005],[1364665259000,5283],[1364665260000,1731]] Code in **grafik.php**
I dont know where I did a mistake, if anybody see some mistake please help me to solve this. I am trying to do chart where on X-axis will be time and on Y-axis proper value.

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