How to update range of dynamic fields in Solr 4?

I have the following field in a my Solr 4 schema Which I can update atomically using below this which works great and leaves other fields alone {"add":{"doc":{"id":"111","rank_350":{"set":"1"},"rank_391":{"set":"4"}}}, "add":{"doc":{"id":"222","rank_350":{"set":"1"},"rank_391":{"set":"4"}}}} Now I want to clear any existing ranks before updating with new ones, without having to query what they are first. If I use approach above and upated with just new rank the old two would remain there since update is atomic. I have tried using the wildcard within one post or with other updates but solr thinks there is a field called rank_* rather than apply null setting to all ranks. {"add":{"doc":{"id":"111","rank_*":{"set":"null"}}} **How can I apply an update to all rank_* dynamic fields?** Reason is I don't want to have to query first to see what was there before as I will be batch updating up to 200 at one time (this can be done in one post). If I had to query that would be 201 posts rather than 1, or changing my event to know what had been removed which is also difficult.

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