How to use dynamic textview from json in android

I am using post method to get this array and number of columns will increase based on every post. "floor": [ {"no_of_bedroom":"1.5","floor_plotsize_start":"692.00","floor_price_start":"4356832.00"}, {"no_of_bedroom":"2.0","floor_plotsize_start":"1000.00","floor_price_start":"6296000.00"}, {"no_of_bedroom":"2.0","floor_plotsize_start":"1029.00","floor_price_start":"6478584.00"}, {"no_of_bedroom":"2.0","floor_plotsize_start":"1132.00","floor_price_start":"7127072.00"}, {"no_of_bedroom":"3.0","floor_plotsize_start":"1390.00","floor_price_start":"8751440.00"}, {"no_of_bedroom":"3.0","floor_plotsize_start":"4901.00","floor_price_start":"40801320.00"} ] How to display by using dynamic textview in android? JSONArray jsonarray; jsonarray = jsonobject.getJSONArray("floor"); { //How to proceed by using dynamic textview? } Thanks in advance
@newBee see no of bedrooms. I am using get post's not unique key(no of bedrooms,plotsizestart) . If it's not unique, i can use by creating textviews and display it. But problem is all are unique and moreover number of columns also increase when I post it.

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