Retrieve and send data with mootools Request

I am retrieving a data with moo using Request and works fine , but at the same time I need to send some data to the same file I am getting request from , The working code is var myRequest = new Request({ url: 'json.php', onComplete: function (response) { var jresponse = JSON.decode(response); alert(jresponse.count) } }).get(); In my json.php I have echo '{"count":5, "times":1}'; That is ok and I get alerts for count and times , But the code in json.php needs to be refined and I need to check a file id which is stored in a tag data-fileid="123" So I need to send data-fileid="123" to json.php and check condition before giving the echo '{"count":5, "times":1}'; I tried to do this at the end of my request myRequest.send('fileid=' + el.get('data-fileid')); but I don't know how to retrieve it or if it was sent to json.php at all. Please advise. Thanks.

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