Multi-level image gallery in WordPress

I am creating a WordPress site for a shoe company. Each shoe comes in different colors. On the main shoe page(s) there will be one color. When the user clicks on the shoe or a link they will drill down to see all colors. Both pages will have some meta information about the shoes such as price, SKU, as well as a download link for the image.
The place where I am seeking some advice, is how can I automate this process? Best case would be to FTP a directory structure of images and have WP and PHP generate the appropriate code based upon that structure. Perhaps another way would be to user JSON. I would like to have this process automated because potentially there are hundreds of images which change every season. I am not asking anyone to write this code for me :) Just help me go in the right direction. ![Blue boxes represent pages, black boxes are images and meta information][1] [1]:
A demo or example code of what you have would be quite helpful! Never-the-less, a PHP script would do it best, but it seems you already have the structure in mind. It's just a case of a few database queries and working out where you currently are in that process

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