Android MySql Create and upload image to server with php

I need some help here to put image on an "AD" that user creates. I'm doing it with JSON, Android, PHP and MySql add_ad.php $_POST['ad_title'], ':price' => $_POST['ad_price'], ':category' => $_POST['ad_category'], ':description' => $_POST['ad_description'], ':email' => $_POST['ad_user'], ':mobile' => $_POST['ad_contact'] ); //execute query try { $stmt = $db->prepare($query); $result = $stmt->execute($query_params); } catch (PDOException $ex) { // For testing, you could use a die and message. //die("Failed to run query: " . $ex->getMessage()); //or just use this use this one: $response["success"] = 0; $response["message"] = "Erro base de dados. Impossível adicionar o anúncio."; die(json_encode($response)); } $response["success"] = 1; $response["message"] = "Anúncio criado com sucesso! Aguarde aprovação."; echo json_encode($response); } ?> I don't know how to transform this to receive the image from android and save it on the server/database, PLEASE ALSO tell me the type of the field on database. This is very important, after that I need to send image from my android to this .php and save it on that user. Thanks, please be aware that I'm new on android, so be brave :)

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