Getting JSR-303 validation with JSON posted object?

I can have Spring convert my json POST submission into an object with a method like this: @RequestMapping(value = "/doSomething", method = RequestMethod.POST) public ResponseEntity doSomething(@RequestBody SomeUsefulPojo usefulPojo) { // use the useful pojo, very nice } I can get JSR-303 validation by setting up all the application context magic, and by creating my post method as such and submitting with form-encoded values: @RequestMapping(value = "/doSomething", method = RequestMethod.POST) public ResponseEntity doSomething(@Valid SomeUsefulPojo validPojo) { // use validPojo, I'm happy } Problem is, the second one appears to want to use a form-encoded approach, whereas I want the JSON handed in. Any way to get the best of both worlds - validation AND json POST? I've tried @Valid and @RequestBody together, but it doesn't invoke the validation that way. Ideas?
The bug is apparently fixed in v3.1 M2 [Linked Solution][1] [1]:

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