Struts2 JSON Plugin with Hibernate

So I'm trying to create a JSON object from a List of AcaClasses. Action Class: public class StudentJSONAction extends ActionSupport{ //Your result List private List gridModel; public String getJSON() { return execute(); } public String execute() { //Get the first student from the Factory and get their AcaClasses gridModel = StudentFactory.getAll().get(0).getAcaClasses(); return SUCCESS; } //Getters and Setters The StudentFactory is my interface to the hibernate database. Struts.xml true false When I call the getJSON action, all I get is: {"methods":[],"objectName":null,"serviceType":"JSON-RPC","serviceUrl":"\/FlowridersSP\/getJSON","version":".1"} [This][1] problem is very similar to mine but I would like to see if there is a solution using the Struts2 JSON Plugin Question: Why am I not getting back a list of AcaClasses in JSON form? My end goal is to plug in this JSON in the JQuery Grid Plugin [1]:

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