Is there a limit on how much JSON can hold?

I am using jquery, JSON, and AJAX for a comment system. I am curious, is there a size limit on what you can send through/store with JSON? Like if a user types a large amount and I send it through JSON is there some sort of maximum limit? Also can any kind of text be sent through JSON. for example sometime I allow users to use html, will this be ok?
Actually, i think there's some kind of limit but i have not been able to determine it; here's the case: I have an Asp.Net page (don't judge me, i was asked to work with it) which queries the DB and gets a datatable with around 2000 rows and 27 columns. If i drop the datatable to an XML, the request from the client works, slow but works, since js is creating the table and doing some stuff.. anyway... I did a DataTable To jSon routine which has always worked for me like a charm, but in this case, that huge amount of data seems to be truncated, or something else is going on, but the server respon

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