XML vs YAML vs JSON for a 2D RPG

I can't figure out whether or not to use XML, YAML, or JSON for a C++ 2D RPG. Here are my thoughts: - I need something which is simple to save not just player data, but environment data, such as object (x, y) coordinates; load times; dates; graphics configurations, etc. - I need something flexible, easy to use, and definitely light weight, but powerful to handle the above. Which is the best choice? I have experience with JSON in JavaScript, but not C++. Are there any good references for parsing JSON in C++ if this is the route to go? **Edit** Honestly, if a text file seems like the simplest and most effective solution for something like this (especially if I can just write it to binary), then I'm all ears. **Edit 2** Feel free to provide other suggestions as well.
Are these the only options? And binary serialization formats (like Google Protocol Buffers) are completely out of the question?

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