jQuery, JSON: Javascript obj/array to json for use with jQuery.ajax.

This is a similar question to this one: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/713884/convert-js-array-to-json-object-for-use-with-jquery-ajax Except that I have an object that has several arrays in it. Object looks like (simulated): {"Users":[1,2,3,4], "Clients":[5,6,7,8], "CompletionStatus":"pastdue", "DateRange":"thisweek"} and is created like so: Filter = new FilterData; Filter.Add(9, "Clients"); Filter.Add(12, "Clients"); Filter.Add(75, "Clients"); Filter.Add(9, "Users"); Filter.Add(12, "Users"); Filter.Add(75, "Users"); Filter.SetValue("DateRange", "yesterday"); function FilterData(){ this.Users = []; this.Clients = []; this.Options = []; this.Options.CompletionStatus = []; this.Options.DateRange = []; this.Add = function(id, type){ this[type].push(id); this[type] = this[type].unique(); return; } this.Rem = function(id, type){+ this[type].splice( Filter[type].indexOf(id), 1); this[type] = this[type].unique(); return; } this.SetValue = function(key, value){ this.Options[key] = value; } } ... If I just do: AjaxRequest = $.ajax({ ... data: Filter, ... }); it seems that obj will end up like: ...Users=1&Users=2&Users=3&.... This is causes PHP to only see one value for Users, which will be the last one, in this case 3. where what I need for PHP to see the arrays properly is: ..Users[]=1&Users[]=2&Users[]=3&.... Any idea how to correct this? Example: In firebug, my post looks like this: Clients 1 Clients 10 CompletionStatus pastdue DateRange 14 Users 2 Users 3 Users 4 and my response looks like this: page: Array ( [Users] => 4 [Clients] => 10 [CompletionStatus] => pastdue [DateRange] => 14 )
Can you give an example of what 'obj' actually looks like?

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