How can I run some code on all the nodes in a tree?

I want to run some code on all my treeView nodes depending on a value returned from the database and repeat this until a certain value is returned. I was thinking that: 1. Give all my tree nodes the same css class so I can access them from JQuery 2. have a timer in my JQuery function that used ajax to go to the database, when a certain value is returned then stop the timer Two questions here. How can I make my function run for each of the nodes and how do I do a timer in JavaScript, so:
    //How do I do Timer functionality in JavaScript?
       //use Ajax to go to database and retrieve a value
         if (result = 1)
         //How to stop the timer here?

Hope i'm clear. Thanks a lot


thanks a lot for the answer. And i would like you to comment on the design. 

Bascially what i'm trying to acheive is a Windows Wokflow type functionality where each node in my tree updates its image depending on its status, where its status is got from querying the database with a key unique to the tree node. I'm open to ideas on other ways to implement this if you have any. thanks again

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