Ajax and jquery code not sure how it works

someone helped me out doing some ajax and jquery code, I'm implementing new code but I got stuck trying to do an effect. Well, I have an Ajax call that go to an API and return 11 divs and display the divs fine, what I want to do is to slideDown the div number 11 so I can get the effect of something new pushing down the old stuff, my div 11 has a class "push-old-divs" my problem here is that I don't know how to get that div from the Ajax return "msg". How to show all the divs exept the one with class "push-old-divs" and then prepend that div. $.ajax({ url: "lead-activity.php?limit=0&limit_sup="+(limit+new_leads)+ "&newleadslast=" + new_leads, success: function(msg){ $("#div_container_leads").html('
'); } });

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