How to not execute a jQuery function on a certain condition

I have a 2-level nested
container (see below). When I click anywhere inside the .summary
, the details are revealed as they should be. When I check the checkbox, I do not want the details to be revealed. So I tried throwing in some globals vars to control the slideToggle(). It works in IE but not in Firefox. Is there anyway to prevent the slideToggle() from executing whenever you check the box? It should execute at all other times. ***** HTML *****
Data 1
Data 2
Detailed information
***** JavaScript ***** $(document).ready(function(){ var boxChecked = 'N'; $('input:checkbox').change(function() { $(this).closest('div.col_5').html('Yes'); boxChecked = 'Y'; }); $('.summary').click(function(e){ if (boxChecked == 'N') $(this).next('.details').slideToggle('slow'); boxChecked = 'N'; }); }); It's almost as though .click() takes execution precedence over .change() in Firefox.

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