can't show data when refreshing page with jquery-ajaxy

I try to create an ecommerce website with codeignitier. i'm using ajax to load the picture into div and jquery-ajaxy to show the url, it works well for backward and forward button, but i got a problem when i refreshed the page, the data can't be show in the div. is there anyone know why this happen?? controller > function tesa() { > $this->load->view("apricots.html"); > } > function tesb() { > $this->load->view("bananas.html"); > } > function tesc() { > $this->load->view("coconuts.html"); > } view > a href="./index.php/index_con/gambar/Kategori/Sarung/Apple/K001" class="ajaxy ajaxy-page" > Learn about Apricots >
Seems a jquery problem. Code please...

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