Jquery Select Validation

I am trying to validate this select / drop down. I am not getting an error, but the validation is not ocurring. I am using the validation for other fields, which is working fine. Here is my jquery and the select which doesnt want to seem to validate: $().ready(function() { $("#cancelForm").validate({ debug: false, errorClass: "authError", errorElement: "span", rules: { inputString: "required", notes: "required", end_time: {required: true} }, messages: { inputString: "Please enter the membername", notes: "Please enter the notes", end_time: "Please select a time" } }); }); Here is my select:
Thanks in advance for taking a look at my issue.
I am not seeing your problem: jsfiddle.net/nnxtG. Validating a select should work fine...

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