Droppable vs Clickable in Jquery

We have been using the drag and drop function successfully via jQuery on certain images. Below is the how we have the droppable. $('.t1 span.droppable').each(function(){ $('.droppable').droppable({ drop: function(event, ui) { //the drop function is done here. } Now we are trying for image on click. First we did this it does not work at all. $('.t1 span img.clickable').each(function(){ $('.clickable').clickable({ click: function(event, ui) { alert("TYEST"); }; }); }); Next we tried this it works but if there are 20 images it alerts 20 times. $('.t1 span img.clickable').each(function(){ $('.clickable').click(function(){ alert("TEST"); }); }); What is the best mechanism to solve this ?
Well, you're using .each() img , if you have 20 img it will fire for every tag he finds.

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