Jquery Mobile Datebox on Simple Modal Dialog Problem

I am having problems trying to put a jquery mobile datebox on top of a jquery mobile simple dialog modal (a custom HTML one). I am wondering if this is even possible and if so does anybody has a possible solution. So far all I can get to work is the "inline" date picker (this means that it is static on the modal and doesn't pop up.) Thanks! Here is my code (the date pick box option I am trying to accomplish): //calls modal $('#addDialog').live('vclick', function() { $(this).simpledialog({ 'mode' : 'blank', 'prompt': false, 'forceInput': false, 'fullHTML' : "" + ""
What version of jQM and DateBox? Are there no examples here: dev.jtsage.com/#/jQM-DateBox or Here: dev.jtsage.com/jQM-SimpleDialog

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