ContentFlow (coverflow) - Need to make it work + Tabs and panes

Im using this plugin: Here is my test site: This is the main index file, which is loading 1) The page that contains the contentFlow. As you can see when you go to the index, the contentFlow dosent work. It only works when you view _Page3.html all by itself. This dosent help me much, as I need it to work on the index page when that page is loaded. //////////////////////////////////////////////// 2) I also would like to make it that when I click on one of the images, It expands (grow animation) to the full width and height of the containing div, the black area. Then, if you click it again, it shrinks back to its original shape, and goes back in with the rest of the carousel, and the carousel works as normal. //////////////////////////////////////////////// 3) As for the 2nd page, away, id like to make the two sets of tabs and panes work totally independent of each other. As you can see now if you try to use them, the tabs will control the content of the of the other panes instead of only their own...i dont want that. I need 1 top set of tabs and panes, and 1 bottom set of tabs and panes. This is what i used to make the tabs and panes if you're curious. If i can get the cure to these 3 issues, id most greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance. ***EDIT:*** This is the latest batch of code I am trying, yet i still cannot get it to work. Nothing different is happening. Why? What am i doing wrong?
i figured out the tabs issue...Now if someone could help me on my contentflow, id greatly appreciate it

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