jQuery does not work in IE but works with Chrome and Firefox

I have a sample html code here and javascript that is perfectly working fine when being browsed by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but when viewed from Internet Explorer 9, it is now messing up. My html code is:
and my sample javascript is: function modifyMultCompIdFunc() { $("#MultCompanyIdPane").show(); var html = '' + 'Company:' + '' + '' + '' + ''; $("#MultCompanyIdPane").append(html); } I've already tried to reset my IE configurations but it doesn't solve the issue. Any ideas on how to solve this issue? Or am I doing it wrong? It mess up in terms of display, when being viewed in google chrome/mozilla, the drop-down list box is working (there's a value on the select box), but when viewed using IE9, there's no value in the drop-down list box. Thanks.

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