Crossfading elements without resorting to position: absolute

I'm trying to crossfade two elements so that one replaces the other. Obviously, the appearing element has to be placed into the DOM before it fades in. Without absolute positioning, it moves the other elements out of place, which is what I need to avoid. Here is a fiddle of the current behaviour. I need the middle boxes to crossfade without the ugly move effect. I could probably enclose both in another container and position them absolutely within that, but is there a more elegant way? HTML:
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
CSS: li { display: inline-block; width:60px; border: 1px solid; text-align: center; } .animate-opac { -webkit-transition: opacity 1.5s ease-out; } .fade { opacity: 0; } .hidden { display:none; } JS: var $new = $('
  • 2.5
  • '); var $ul = $('ul'); window.setTimeout(function() { $('#two').toggleClass("animate-opac"); $new.toggleClass("animate-opac fade"); $('#two').after($new); $('body')[0].offsetWidth; $('#two').toggleClass("fade"); $new.toggleClass("fade"); $('#two').on("webkitTransitionEnd", function() { $(this).remove(); }); }, 500);

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