jQuery, AJAX, Form is loaded?

I am using the [WordPress theme Studio8](http://themeforest.net/item/studio8-a-creative-minimalist-wordpress-theme/691657) and I have create some custom forms in pages loaded by custom URL Rewrites. The problem is, while the HTML is Valid and with no errors, when the pages are loaded, through the jQuery `$.load('URL Selelcor')` moves the outside the form. My form looks like that:
.... ....
and the HTML result is like that:
.... ....
Any idea on how to solve that issue ? --- Another way I am thinking to solve that issue, is to check if the form is loaded, and then if the form does not containa submit button to add on with JavaScript. The problem now is that I have to check if the form exists, after the AJAX load. In example, for the other events on form elements I use the $('element_selector).live('event_name', function(){}); In my case how can I check if the form has a submit button after the AJAX load ?
Your going to need to include some more detail here - like your actual jQuery !!! if the form is already on the page - why are you loading it again ??

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