Prevent $.ajaxStart() from being executed during jquery-ui autocomplete

I'm using jquery-ui autocomplete on a page I'm creating. On the same page I have some ajax events going on. During the other ajax events I'm adding an overlay to my page, so that all the links on the website aren't clickable anymore for the user. I don't want that to happen during the autocomplete. autocomplete: $(function() { $( "#search_input" ).autocomplete({ source: '/search_autocomplete/',}); }); ajax: $.ajax({ url: "/ajax_login/", login_user: $("#login_user").val(), password: $("#login_password").val(), }); ajaxStart: $("#loading_gif").ajaxStart(function() { $("#overlay").show(); $(this).show(); }); To prevent the ajaxstart function from being executed during the ajax events where it's not necessary. I add global:false, to the corresponding ajaxfunctions. How can I do something similar during the autocomplete without changing the jquery-ui source?

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