Need help with jQuery AJAX and transition effects

OK guys, my website is almost finished - But there is one thing that really bugs me. When I click on a thumbnail to open a post which loads within the same page using AJAX and then click on another thumbnail to load another post the transition is not smooth and the image takes a while to load and it's ugly. Is there a way I can improve that and make everything smooth using fadeIn/fadeOut ? Here is what I tried with no luck (active now). $(".ajaxed").live("click", function(event) { $.address.crawlable(true).value($(this).attr("rel")); $("#content").fadeTo(500,0); $("html,body").animate({scrollTop: 205}, 300); var post_slug = $(this).attr("rel"); $("#board").load("ajax/",{slug:post_slug}); $("#board").delay(1500).slideDown("slow"); return false; }); Many thanks for your time and help

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