Pass Javascript Array in Array using Ajax

I get my fields like array with javascript. Every array field is array with proporties. Example. arr[0] { 'id':'1', 'title':'testtitle', 'value': 'test value' } arr[1] { 'id':'2', 'title':'testtitle', 'value': 'test value' } arr[2] { 'id':'3', 'title':'testtitle', 'value': 'test value' } I use `JSON.stringify(arr);` to send array to php and to read this array. My problem is, Value option is text form textarea. When I use simple text , I have no problem. But I need to use `TinyMCE` editor. When I paste some text where have html like this: style="font-size:12px;" and other ... Array crashed. I have no idea how to fix this.

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