How do I prevent these unwanted returns in my if/else block?

**Update:** My problem was caused by two functions returning and not just one. The callback function in the `$.each` loop was generating the returns in the `if/else` block. Even though I link it later in the question, there is a good question about [how to override returns][1] when CoffeeScript compiles to JavaScript. This is not a duplicate of that question; I had a more specific problem. I'm trying to learn CoffeeScript for fun by porting some work I did in JavaScript with the [jQuery Widget Factory][2]. Assume `$foos` is a boolean array. I have a CoffeeScript function that looks similar to this: $ = jQuery activateCats = ($foos) -> $.each $foos, (idx, foo) -> $bar = $(".cats").eq(idx) if foo $bar.addClass("ui-state-active") .removeClass "ui-state-disabled" else $bar.removeClass("ui-state-active") .addClass "ui-state-disabled" # add another empty return here return The compiled JavaScript looks like this: var $, doThings; $ = jQuery; activateCats = function($foos) { // Function 1 $.each($foos, function(idx, foo) { // Function 2 var $bar; $bar = $(".cats").eq(idx); if (foo) { return $bar.addClass("ui-state-active").removeClass("ui-state-disabled"); } else { return $bar.removeClass("ui-state-active").addClass("ui-state-disabled"); } }); }; If I don't include the return at the bottom it compiles to this (note the return in front of my `$.each` loop): var $, doThings; $ = jQuery; activateCats = function($foos) { return $.each($foos, function(idx, foo) { var $bar; $bar = $(".cats").eq(idx); if (foo) { return $bar.addClass("ui-state-active").removeClass("ui-state-disabled"); } else { return $bar.removeClass("ui-state-active").addClass("ui-state-disabled"); } }); }; I'm pretty sure I don't want those returns to be in my `$.each` loop. I'm not sure why CoffeeScript is adding them, because I have the empty `return` at the bottom of my function. I was having this problem before in other places but I read [this thread][3] and solved those issues. I've tried the various methods in that thread and none of them seem to work for this edge case. **How can I prevent CoffeeScript from adding these returns?** [1]: [2]: [3]:
possible duplicate of Is there any way to not return something using CoffeeScript?

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