How do you wire up jQuery when selector changes

When I have an event handler set up through jQuery selecting DOM elements based on a data attribute (`$("input[data-action='enable']")`) The code below duplicates what I am doing. When the button is clicked, the appropriate `callback` function is invoked and the data-action and value elements of the buttons are updated. I was expecting to see that because the data-action value had changed that the click handler would toggle. Is there a way to set this up so that this does happen, or do I need to manually set up the handler after the click event? $("input[data-action='enable']").on("click", function() { var callback = function(context){ context.val("disable");"action", "disable"); }; ajaxCall(true, callback, $(this)); }); $("input[data-action='disable']").on("click", function() { var callback = function(context){ context.val("enable");"action", "enable"); }; ajaxCall(false, callback, $(this)); }); var ajaxCall = function(state, callback, context) { //would do an ajax call, and on success console.log("action")); callback(context); };
The main problem is that you're binding to the result set of a jQuery selector, which returns an array of jQuery objects at that specific time. You will probably need to unbind your events after your ajax call.

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