Do something after n seconds after moving slider

I want to process value of slider with delay. So If I move with slider to X position, I want to make jquery function to do something BUT, after n seconds. If I do something between these 4 seconds again - start timer from begining. $('#slider1').slider({ min: 0, max: diff, range: true, values: [diff-2 , diff], slide: function(event, ui) { }, change: function(event, ui) { // n SECONDS after changing slider's value do something... }); I found: > $.throttle(); but It doesn't work, or I don't know how to use it. Tried to add to the function succes, like this, but with no luck: change: function(event, ui) { $.throttle( 4000, console.log('this should show after 4 seconds...') ); });
Did you already include the plugin?

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