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I'm building a web app using jQuery and am following a pseudo-MVC model. I have the following methods: function Controller() { this.view = new View(this); $(window).resize(this, function (event) { event.data.view.screenResize(); }); this.getImages(); } Controller.prototype.getImages = function () { this.view.showMessage('Getting Available Images'); $.post("../async", {cmd: 'getimages', data: ''}, function(data) { this.view.showMessage('Found Images'); }); } However, the `this.view.showMessage()` inside the `$.post()` does not work because the `this` now refers to the jQuery postback, rather than the controller. I was able to get around this in the `$(window).resize()` method by passing in the controller as the eventData, but I don't see this for `$.post()`. Is there someway to reference the original controller and the subsequent view from inside the post function?

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