jQuery AJAX call to an ASP.NET WebMethod

I have the following jQuery AJAX request: function sendUpdate(urlToSend) { var code = AccessCode; var url = urlToSend; var options = { error: function(msg) { alert(msg.d); }, type: "POST", url: "webmethods.aspx/UpdatePage", data: "{ accessCode: " + code + ", newURL: '" + url + "' }", contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8", dataType: "json", async: true, success: function(response) { var results = response.d; } }; $.ajax(options); } And the corresponding ASP.NET WebMethod: [WebMethod] public static bool UpdatePage(string accessCode, string newURL) { bool result = true; try { HttpContext.Current.Cache[accessCode + "l"] = newURL; } catch { result = false; } return result; } That all used to work correctly with "async:false", however I have to get rid of it as it freezes the browser until the response is received. Now the AJAX request above returns "undefined". Could anybody tell me why it happens and where the problem is? Thanks.
What's undefined, "response" or "response.d"? You should see what the full response object is to see if it's giving you any error messages from the server.

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