jquery load to parent of iframe

I have a form that submits to an iframe. That frame processes a coldfusion page (based on form input, attachments can be added to an item in Oracle.) There is a div, with class testing, that displays the currently attached documents on the item. What I need to do is, if the user added attachments and then submitted the form, reload the 'testing' div with the proper attachments. This is what I've tried that isn't working for me: I don't even get the alert, so I know that somehow this syntax is wrong. Does anyone see what I am doing wrong? Or, is there another way to do this? Thanks. **EDIT** If this is confusing: **User loads initial form that displays item properties including documents attached >> user has option to attach new documents >> items are attached via 'attach' button, but not stored in the database or server until actual form submit >> on form submit, if new documents were attached, it should reload the 'testing' div (which is the div that display the attached documents) with the new correct information (ie: it should display the documents that the user just added)**
Little confused, do you want some stuff displayed (via $.load()) in the div with class 'testing'?

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