get next or live element with jQuery find

Alright, not sure if `find()` will be the correct method for this. I am using [pretty photo][1] and I am loading some inline content. Basically when pretty photo launches, it clones what is defined inline and displays it in the lightbox. The issue here is I cannot call `$("#myTextField").datepicker();` to activate a jQuery UI Datepicker on a text box. The reason being is it applies it to the invisible one I originally wrote, not the cloned one that is visible. I ran into this issue before with the `Submit` button in the inline content which I solved by using `$("#mySubmitButton").live('click',function().....` I tried `$(this).find("#myTextField").next().datepicker();` but no dice. Any other suggestions? I dont know how else I could use the `live()` method. [1]:
I managed to get the datepicker pop up, except the datapicker isn't inserting the date when I click on a number. I am assuming its putting it in the original invisible content $("#shoot_date").live("focus",function(){$(this).datepicker();});

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