Can Jquery alternate color of text,

Note, I cannot get into the html to add an id. Also, note, I had already found the jquery zebra strips tutorial but can`t get it to work for this situation. I have a link like this ( I have changed the domain name).
  • **NOTE the URL will always be the same, because it is the homelink on a webpage.** To make the email address easier to read, I would like to have the words alternate color between red and blue, with the submitpics@ in black, all on a white background. submitpics@ = black Your=blue Mama=Red Is=blue Your=blue I know Jquery can do zebra stripes for rows, but this is different and I haven`t been able to figure it out. These are the default styles that currently determine the CSS .menu .current-menu-item a:hover { color: red; background: #fff } Can anyone give me some guidance?

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