jqgrid client side sorting with server side paging - data disappears

it states in jqgrid documentation that the code below should allow local sorting with server side paging; the grid data disappears on paging; this question has been asked before with no clear answer - suggestions to use loadonce:true means that paging is turned off - I need paging EDITED LATER TO SHOW COMPLETE html page and json response (Im now running this from a php/mysql backend). my full html page JQGrid Test
response on 1st load is {"page":"1","total":431,"records":2155,"rows":[{"OrderID":"1024811","UnitPrice":"14.0000","Quantity":"12","Discount":"0"},{"OrderID":"1024842","UnitPrice":"9.8000","Quantity":"10","Discount":"0"},{"OrderID":"1024872","UnitPrice":"34.8000","Quantity":"5","Discount":"0"},{"OrderID":"1024914","UnitPrice":"18.6000","Quantity":"9","Discount":"0"},{"OrderID":"1024951","UnitPrice":"42.4000","Quantity":"40","Discount":"0"}]} response from page 2: {"page":"2","total":431,"records":2155,"rows":[{"OrderID":"1025041","UnitPrice":"7.7000","Quantity":"10","Discount":"0"},{"OrderID":"1025051","UnitPrice":"42.4000","Quantity":"35","Discount":"0.15"},{"OrderID":"1025065","UnitPrice":"16.8000","Quantity":"15","Discount":"0.15"},{"OrderID":"1025122","UnitPrice":"16.8000","Quantity":"6","Discount":"0.05"},{"OrderID":"1025157","UnitPrice":"15.6000","Quantity":"15","Discount":"0.05"}]}
The reason of the problem could be not only a bug in jqGrid, but also bug in the data provided by the server part, formatters which you use in the colModel and so on. Could you include more full definition of the jqGrid and also two JSON response returned from the server: the first one will be respond on the request of the first page and the second JSON response from the request of the second page. Having all the data one can reproduce your problem. Nevertheless I personally has less sense in combination of the local sorting and server side paging.

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