Click Event Registered with jQuery Live in Google Map InfoWindow

I was using the technique described here [][1] to dynamically add click event handlers to some of the content added to the Google Map InfoWindow. Works great except in IE. I have content with normal anchor tags and those links work just fine. I have an anchor tag with a jQuery (live) click handler read the id to trigger some other action and it does nothing in IE. Chrome/FF etc work just fine. I've tried using a div and span with no change to the behavior. Any ideas? **Edit:** This is with Google Maps v2 (I do know it is deprecated) and doesn't work in IE 7 or 8. Haven't bothered with IE6 on this project. **Edit:** Here is a some sample code that repos the behavior.
Are you using Google Maps v3 or v2? Also - which versions of IE - 6/7/8 ?

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