CodeIgniter - jQuery's load function to load a view

There is a left block on my web-page - assume it shows a shopping basket. When user clicks the "add to basket" button on any product page, I want to reload my left block (shopping basket) so the new product that has been added by the customer can be seen on the left side of the page without reloading the page. When customer clicks "add to basket" button, it already puts the product into the basket, that's not the problem but I cannot make the left block refresh. The code is like: left_basket is the id of the whole div of the left block. I think the path of the file inc_left.php is coming wrong. Whatever I wrote it there, it didn't work. The file is in the path of "views/inc/inc_left.php". Any idea?
Can you add the code for views/inc/inc_left.php

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