Notification when new record is added in database php-jquery

I need advice about the title above. I have the following piece of code : **PHP :** $sql = "SELECT * FROM i_case"; $qry = pg_query($connection, $sql); $res = pg_num_rows($qry); $sql_1 = "SELECT * FROM i_case"; $qry_1 = pg_query($connection, $sql_1); $res_1 = pg_num_rows($qry_1); do { echo "new record on i_case"; } while($res != $res_1 and !(usleep(10000))); **JQUERY :** setInterval(function(){ $.ajax({ type : "POST", url : "file.php", success : function(response){ alert(response); } }); },1000); It's not work that I expecting. I don't know where is the matter from the code?
what exception? i dont understand?

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