Calling jquery modal from code behind event in webform using MVP

i have a aspx page with a Login button. I want to, in case password does not match, to show a jquery modal window. Basically when the user click on an asp:button i call the Presenter's method (MVP) from my code-behind and i return either true or false. If it's false, i want to call this jquery modal window... i've been trying with some jquery plugins but it's not working. i am fairly new to jquery. maybe it's easy but it seems crazy to me. I've seen a lot of samples but all of them wait for the click action to open up. Basically i have to wait for a response from my code in order to trigger this. void btnSubmit_click(sender, e) { if presenter.Login(x,y) Response.Redirect(the page); else jquery modal window } Does anyone have an idea on how to achieve this? Thank you

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