json jquery grid (using django) - having problems presenting the data

I'm trying this source where jqGrid gets some json data from django: [link](http://code.google.com/p/django-jqgrid/) Unfortunately the data is not presented in the jqgrid, only an empty jqgrid. I'm rendering the jqgrid with this call: {% url myapp.views_json.grid_config %} is resolved to the url "projects/examplegrid/cfg/". When I call this URL in my browser it returns JSON data. Please follow the link to see it. [json config data](http://mocaso.vs120027.hl-users.com/website/config_json_data) This should be ok. I guess.. In this json data file you see an url: This url returns also json data. This is the json representation of the data that I want to present. See this json data set here: [link](http://mocaso.vs120027.hl-users.com/website/sample_json_data) Here is a screenshot of the resulting jqgrid. [link](http://mocaso.vs120027.hl-users.com/website/grid_shot.JPG) I know it's probably tough to help me out here. But it seems to me as that my problem is on the jqgrid side and I think there are a lot of cracks outside who know who to deal with it. I do not :-) Edit: The undefined error is gone. This error was due a missing reference to a local file: But the next error is, that it shows "Loading" and it does not finish. Anybody knows what the problem could be? Edit: The errow was obviously that the jqgrid was not initialised correctly. I used the wiki page proposed by CalebD and it works now. At least the json data is presented in the grid. I'm wondering now what I have to do in order to update a row.

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